A thousand ideas to give a fisherman's cabin spirit to its interior

A thousand ideas to give a fisherman's cabin spirit to its interior

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Desire to escape ? Why not use your interior decoration to evoke sea fishing? In town, in the countryside, in the mountains or by the coast, nothing like recreating the fisherman's cabin spirit to immerse yourself inevitably in a completely exotic universe. Choice of materials, colors, objects: take inspiration from these few ideas to create a timeless and atypical decoration at home.

Wooden furniture and walls

If you live in a house that is nothing special, that has neither a wooden structure, nor a thatched roof and that is not proudly hoisted on stilts, you can still try to transform it - everything at least inside. In two three movements, immerse yourself in another world, taking inspiration from the homes of fishermen at sea that are still found in the Pyrenees Orientales or on the Ile d'Oléron for example. Swap your lacquered furniture for simple wooden furniture leaning on one or more sections of walls covered with blond woodwork. It is possible to replace the conventional handles of the dining room sideboard with large copper-colored rings. In the living room, the corner sofa will give way to deckchairs with a wooden structure and hung with a white canvas striped in navy blue. A few oblong cushions as a headrest will evoke the floats of large fishing boats.

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Blue and white for the marine spirit

Blue, the azure color par excellence, combines perfectly with white, evocative of foam, to bring the necessary marine touch to the fisherman's cabin spirit. Hang your frames with heavy ropes used on fishing boats. For a more assertive character, do not hesitate to decorate your interior with engravings or paintings representing the seabed, a reproduction of fishing boats or a collection of marine knots to frame with white painted wood. Curtains, cushions, table linen striped in white and blue will confirm the marine spirit. Use and abuse rope carpets or lavender blue to midnight blue woolen carpets.
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True to life boat spirit

Choose some copper elements such as a clock, a barometer, a large rudder, a lighthouse to transform into a light fixture or pots to hang on the kitchen walls. Objects to hunt for during your vacation, on flea markets and other garage sales to give your fisherman's hut a more authentic look. Thanks to your vivid imagination, your bathroom will also be able to transport you to the seaside. Among the essential elements, a bathtub in the shape of a boat will welcome you for a moment of well-being, two oars suspended on the wall by a white rope will allow you to hang bathrobes and bath sheets.
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Sea dream

And if you dream of a canopy bed, replace in your bedroom the fabric canopy with a fishing net on which you can hang seashells, starfish and other evocative objects. Again, blue will have its effect, on walls or windows, associated with the beige sand of a soft carpet nicely edged with a blue border. Two colors suitable for relaxation.
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