How to make a cobblestone rosette?

How to make a cobblestone rosette?

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Answer: it is better to buy a kit directly.

As the manufacturers do not hesitate to simplify the DIY for us, today there is a ready-made solution for making a rosette in paving stones: buy a kit! It can include either a laying plan (layout) and the paving stones to be placed, or a template with the right dimensions and thin paving stones. If necessary, making a rosette in cobblestones is reserved for DIYers (really) knowledgeable because the steps are multiple and the work particularly meticulous. First you have to create a scale plan, then calculate the number of pavers needed and especially their dimensions. Needless to say, it is better to be able to resize its paving stones. Concentric pavers are well suited for a rose window. The installation is done from the center of a circle drawn on the ground to the desired diameter, then row by row. You too, send us your brico question