Stairs: mistakes to avoid

Stairs: mistakes to avoid

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In our interiors, the stairs have a special place. We don't always know how to decorate them or just how to maintain them. However, the stairs can be a decorative asset and by using ingenuity, it is even possible to use them to save a little space. Today, find out how to optimize the use of your stairs by avoiding making certain mistakes.

Mistake # 1: Having crowded stairs

The stairs are not shelves! They are above all a place of passage, so it is essential to unclutter the steps. For safety reasons but also for aesthetics, do not place plants or decorative objects on the steps, even if they are wide. On the other hand, the walls of the staircase can, and must, be decorated! Because it is a space generally reserved for the family, you can place your photos or the works of art of your toddlers there.

Mistake # 2: Neglecting the stairs

The stairs can be wooden, carpeted or tiled. It is a space where dust likes to settle. Whatever covering is present, it is essential to take care of your stairs. Dust and regularly clean the steps but also the ramp with suitable products. If you have to wax, oil or varnish your staircase, apply the products every other step, wait until these steps are completely dry then finish the job. Generally speaking, when cleaning your stairs, make sure they are not slippery.

Mistake # 3: Forgetting free space

The space under the stairs is a space to use! Many manufacturers offer to install toilets or a closet, but sometimes this space remains free. If this is the case for you, why not arrange it? You can install a library, a small dresser and even a wardrobe. For this arrangement to be impeccable, it is preferable to have closed staircases. If your stairs are open, choose furniture that is easy to maintain because they will be more exposed to dust.

Mistake N ° 4: Choosing an unsuitable staircase

The choice of stairs is an important step in the construction or renovation of a house. It is imperative to choose stairs suitable for the layout of your home. A straight staircase will take up more space than a spiral staircase, just as a staircase placed in the entrance will be different from a staircase placed in a living room. If space is not a problem, you enjoy great freedom in choosing your staircase. On the other hand, if you count the square meters, prefer small models or those that can receive amenities such as storage or toilets.

Mistake N ° 5: Opting for a contemporary staircase

Choosing an ultra modern, design or contemporary staircase can be problematic. Indeed, one does not change stairs as easily as furniture. You may therefore find yourself trapped in a decor that will go out of fashion. The ideal is to choose a very sober and very solid staircase.