Leather or fabric: small sofa for small living room

Leather or fabric: small sofa for small living room

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Having a small living room does not mean that we must favor the practical aspect to the detriment of the decor. So no question of neglecting the centerpiece of the living room: the sofa. In fabric or leather, there are many that adapt to small spaces, while being very trendy. To prove it to you, take a look at our shopping list.

A small leather sofa for an industrial look

Fan of industrial style interiors, you dream of seeing a magnificent aged leather sofa enthroned in the middle of your living room but your room is barely larger than a matchbox? This is not a reason to put this desire in the closet. A small two-seater brown model will set the tone for the living room. Accompanied by a small metal wooden coffee table and a few shelves in the same materials, your decorative desire will be satisfied.

A small fabric sofa for a cozy spirit

The mini version fabric sofas also know how to be the kings of the living room. In a room where there is little light, we advise you to opt for a clear model such as white, beige or even pastel shades with a sky blue or a pale green. To make it warm and cozy, add lots of cushions in the same tones or on the contrary in bright tones depending on the decorative spirit you want to give. You can also dare the unexpected by choosing a purple, blue or even red sofa. It will then be necessary to paint the walls in a light color so as not to transform the room into a color chart. Finally, you can also choose two small fabric armchairs and install them side by side to save space and optimize space. Our practical decoration videos