Install a library in the entrance

Install a library in the entrance

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When you like books, you don't count. If your thirst for reading is inexhaustible, it is not necessarily the same for your storage spaces and the living room library can quickly find itself overwhelmed. Why not take advantage of the entry to enlarge your collection of books? But beware, mistakes are to be avoided so as not to make your entry too heavy. Here are some tips for installing the ideal library in your hallway.

What books in the entrance?

The entrance is first of all a place of reception. It is the first room that you can observe when you get home and it is therefore it that sets the tone for the whole atmosphere of your home. It would therefore be a shame to store books there that do not have a certain decorative interest. You can for example highlight beautiful books by placing them face-on and not on their edges on a wall shelf. In this way, your books will be like tables that you can change according to your mood. The entrance is also a common place shared by the whole family: it is therefore necessary to favor books which can be consulted as well by adults as by children and one can also store family albums in their library so that everything the world can benefit. Finally, be careful not to overload your library so that the space does not seem too confined, especially if your entrance is already narrow. To do this, we separate the rows of books with other objects such as vases, sculptures or lamps.

How to choose your library?

If your entrance is narrow, you will have to determine the depth of your library according to the space remaining, keeping 1 meter in width in passage. You can also choose to insert a bookcase on the wall opposite the front door to keep your room width. If your back wall has a door, try the custom bookcase that will frame your door, an original solution to obtain new storage spaces. Finally, with a narrow entrance, choose a library in the same color as your walls, rather in light tones. If on the contrary, your entrance is large and large, you can play on the volumes with an imposing library and a color different from your walls. You can also take advantage of a library with open bottom to separate your room and hide behind coats and shoes. Finally, if you have a staircase, install a library below to fill the void.