Opinel: a knife called desire

Opinel: a knife called desire

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A utility object that has become a design icon, the Opinel knife has not aged a bit! For 120 years now, he has accompanied the handyman, the hiker, the cook and the lover of nature, ignoring fashions and time. This small folding knife, which fits in the pocket, has thus become an object that is transmitted from generation to generation, crossing the centuries without ever losing its robustness. As an extension of the hand, the Opinel finds its roots in simplicity and efficiency. Tale of a legend in the world of cutlery.

From father to son

Joseph Opinel was born in 1872 in the small town of Gévoudaz in Savoie. His ancestors have been blacksmiths for several generations, it is therefore quite natural that he will turn, as an adult, to a very close universe: the taillanderie. He masters the handling of steel and intends to take advantage of it! The end of the century was approaching and it was in the family workshop that Joseph Opinel created his first eponymous knife, which quickly met with success with those around him. This success encouraged him to embark on the industrial manufacturing of knives and to open his own factory. The Opinel brand is registered by its creator in stride and the first series of the twelve numbered sizes is developed! At the start of the Second World War, 20 million copies are already sold ... The beginnings of mass production will push Joseph Opinel to move his factory to the suburbs of Chambéry where, assisted by his two sons, he will continue development commercial brand. Nearly half a century after the creation of the company, three generations of Opinel share its management and continue to improve its products! The 70s and 80s are those of the consecration of the small pocket knife, which is now in the dictionary and is honored as a classic of French design. Chefs and epicureans from around the world celebrate its aesthetics, robustness and undeniable practicality! Many celebrities, from Pablo Picasso to Ellen Mc Arthur or Paul Bocuse, extol the merits and thus contribute to his fame. Since its creation, more than 280 million units have been sold in 71 different countries.

A diversified range

The 2000s saw the range of Opinel knives diversify and adapt to different universes. The products are now classified according to their function, specific for hiking, cooking or gardening. The brand has opted to divide its catalog into six separate collections: nature, cuisine, table, tapering, tradition, accessories and limited series. If the original model still has its followers, many DIY enthusiasts now appreciate the new references adorned with vibrant colors. The entire collection can be found on www.opinel.com