How to properly cut plasterboard?

How to properly cut plasterboard?

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Answer: use a cutter and a ruler for a straight cut, a saw for other types of cut.

The technique for cutting plasterboard is very simple. You just need a ruler and a cutter in the case of a straight cut. Start by marking the cutting line with the cutter and the ruler, then cut frankly if the layout suits you by folding the plasterboard in half. In the case of a corner cut, a rounded cut or any other particular pattern, you will certainly need a saw. If you want to pass electrical wires through a plasterboard, for example, the jigsaw is ideal. To eliminate traces of cutting and smooth the edges of the plasterboard, an electric sander or even a simple file will do the trick. The plasterboard is fixed with screws or nails. You too, send us your brico question