How to make reconstructed stone bricks?

How to make reconstructed stone bricks?

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Answer: a mixture of different ingredients and suitable molds.

The reconstituted stone is composed of a mixture in variable proportions of stone powder, cement, additives and dyes (more or less red) depending on the brick you want to make. This mixture must be made dry before adding water to it. To be sure of the color you want to achieve, it is simpler to proceed by small quantities of preparation before making all the necessary quantity. Today there are kits to make your bricks, which contain the necessary information, as well as silicone molds to prepare the bricks. You can also make wooden molds to the desired dimensions as it was originally. The homogeneous mixture is then poured into the oiled molds. It dries away from heat and wind, and can be removed from the mold after several hours. You will then have to wait 3 weeks before you can use your own bricks.

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