A calendar to wait before Christmas

A calendar to wait before Christmas

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You are all impatient to meet up with your family by the fireplace to celebrate Christmas, taste good food and open your gifts. While waiting for D-Day, as the tradition of Germanic origin dictates, you will be patient with the Advent Calendar intended for children and adults alike! You will even learn to make one to put inside what you want!

Which Advent Calendar to choose?

During this period, no difficulty in finding an Advent calendar! However, the offer is so wide that it is not easy to choose. First advice: play it safe by buying a calendar with a Santa Claus, a tree or a reindeer. It will certainly be classic, but will be welcome in the middle of winter, whether in wood or fabric! Another solution: calendars with small drawers, others with socks that you can hang above the fireplace, on the wall or put on a shelf. This type of calendar has a double effect because you can fill it with what you want! It is ideal for children who will discover chocolates, candies and small toys every day!

Second alternative, create your own Advent calendar

For the most creative of you, create your Advent calendar. All you need is cardboard or wooden boxes (of matches, for example), wood glue, paint and Christmas decorations. All you have to do is stack the boxes in the shape of a cube or pyramid, decorate them, indicate the numbers from 1 to 24 on each box and fill them with quotes, delicacies or small gifts! With all these ingredients, your calendar will be unique! A touch of originality: For tea lovers, there are Advent calendars composed of tea bags and to please your faithful companions, who are ultimately part of the family, there are Advent calendars for dogs. It's good at Christmas that we bring joy to everyone, right?