How to choose paving sand?

How to choose paving sand?

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Answer: sand stabilized on the ground, polymer sand for the joints.

The sand chosen will be different depending on whether we are going to use it for a bed on which the pavers will come to rest, or for joints. Thus, the grain size of the sand in the joints should be less than or equal to that of the soil. The color is also important for the joints since on it, the rendering of the whole will depend. Concerning the sand bed on which the paving will rest, it is advisable to increase its mechanical resistance, either using a compaction roller, or by using stabilized sand. This, made up of seven portions of sand for one of cement or lime, is essential if your soil is loose. For seals, polymeric sand is particularly suitable. Generally sold ready to use, it will compensate for expansion movements and stabilize your entire structure. Please note that it solidifies quickly and should only be laid in dry, non-windy weather. You too, send us your brico question


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