Lighting: choosing the right light for your pool terrace

Lighting: choosing the right light for your pool terrace

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Lighting your pool will make it visible in the middle of the night, which increases safety. This also makes it possible to enhance the basin and its surroundings. For functional and decorative pool lighting without false notes, it is better to avoid certain errors. Voltage, current regulations, cost reduction, lighting orientation, choice of colors: every detail counts for a dream pool suitable for midnight baths.

Mistake # 1: Placing a low light to optimize security

It is quite the opposite that must be done if one wants to secure the swimming pool overnight. Indeed, a light at ground level does not allow sufficient visibility because it creates gray areas. It therefore does not facilitate circulation around the basin. Poorly oriented pool lighting multiplies the risk of accidents. In terms of security, the interior of the pool is therefore illuminated thanks to the underwater lighting, but also the access path, the immediate surroundings such as the pool house and the pool deck as well as the trees and the various decorative elements as a statue, basin or diving board. Night walkers are therefore unlikely to hit them or fall.

Mistake 2: Use high volume lighting to make the footbath visible

This is a serious error contrary to the legislation on pool lighting. Indeed, to light the footbath as well as the interior of the swimming pool, only volume 0 is authorized. It corresponds to a very low voltage electric current eliminating the risk of electric shock. For direct current, it does not exceed 30 volts and for alternating current, it does not exceed 12 volts. Be careful to choose a "Protection index" guaranteeing a perfect seal, namely IPx8 recognized by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Error N ° 3: Direct the pool lighting towards the house

It is the best solution to disturb the sleep of the occupants. The pool lighting should not, of course, light the house. It is therefore imperative to carefully orient each light, so that the house remains in the shade. Everyone's privacy will be respected as well as their rest.

Mistake N ° 4: Choosing the first light that comes to hand

It would be a shame not to take advantage of pool lighting technology. Even if you pay attention to safety standards, not all lighting systems deserve the environmental prize. So we opt rather for an energy-efficient LED projector, or even for a solar projector. Today, they come in many colors, some of them even work with a remote control for a variation of the intensity on demand and a change of colors according to the mood.

Mistake # 5: Lighting your pool with white bulbs

It would be a shame not to magnify the pool with different design lamps of the most beautiful effect. Among the trendy pool lights, there is for example the magnetic spot, the floating lamp in the shape of a water lily which moves with the wind or the swimming pool optical fiber. The idea is to give color and charm to this aquatic space to delve into it until the end of the night. Find all the mistakes to avoid in your garden.