What is a log splitter?

What is a log splitter?

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Answer: the log splitter is a machine that splits the logs to make them smaller and suitable for combustion.

The log splitter cuts the wood lengthwise using a high-strength steel blade. There are two families: horizontal and vertical log splitters. The former allow larger logs to be split. Log splitters can be electric, which requires connection to an outlet; thermal, they are autonomous with their engine; hydraulic, these are the most powerful. The log is placed on a steel tray. The machine is started using joysticks. The cutting part then comes to cut the wood. The advantages of a log splitter are many. The wood is cut regularly. The time and energy savings are considerable compared to manual debitage. Finally, the log splitter allows you to work safely without the risk of an accident with an ax. For individuals, there are log splitters on casters to facilitate their transport. Count around 300 € for a quality machine. Cut tiling with a grinder Our practical DIY videos