Storage for my towels in the bathroom

Storage for my towels in the bathroom

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To store your towels in style in the bathroom, it is sometimes enough to adopt the right storage unit. In metal to play the card goes everywhere, in wood to give life to the room, or with baskets for discreet storage, you are spoiled for choice. To help you decide, follow our shopping list.

Made of metal

Whatever style you decide to adopt in your bathroom, know that you can easily install a metal storage unit in it. In the corner to save space, with drawers to make a neat place or with casters to make it practical, you just have to choose the one that will make the most useful at home.

In wood

To warm up the decor of the bathroom, opt instead for a wooden model. We like the version "multiple shelves" which allows us to access our towels quickly. In addition you can slip one or two baskets there to leave in the open only your prettiest bath linen.

Ladder version

Tidying up your bathroom linen in style is also possible thanks to the ladder-shaped furniture that enhances your towels. We take advantage of the small shelves to slide some decorative objects and voila!

With baskets

Finally, if you like that everything seems tidy and nothing is lying around, choose a storage with baskets. Color wicker, gray, black or in colors much more flashy to bring good humor, it is up to you to make your choice. Our practical bathroom decoration videos