A lava stone heating system

A lava stone heating system

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Vulcanos are particularly efficient heaters that accumulate heat and distribute it for a long and pleasant time in the room thanks to the peculiarities of the lava stone core.

The characteristics of lava stone

Coming from volcanoes, the heart of lava stone can naturally store and restore calories for hours. It is the stone which has the greatest capacity for accumulation. It has also been used for a very long time in saunas. To demonstrate these properties, if you immerse the heart of a fist-sized lava stone for two minutes in boiling water and take it out with tongs, the stone is still hot 40 minutes later, and it cannot be picked up until an hour later. Thus, during all this time, it releases heat without consuming any energy.

The principle of Vulcanos

Vulcanos heaters combine the accumulation of the lava stone core, the radiant, the natural air impulse and the heating booster. Vulcanos have an exceptional capacity for accumulation. The device is charged by the nickel-chrome electrical resistance. Then once the power supply is cut, it continues to restore heat for hours, despite their thinness (9 to 12 cm). Thanks to its tempered glass front, the Vulcanos radiates optimally. The heat diffused on a regular basis avoids uncomfortable temperature spikes and costly in electricity. Vulcanos also use natural air convection. Natural air flows are loaded with calories on contact with the lava stone core and are reflected back into the room. Very useful in second homes or in a rarely occupied room, the heating booster can heat a room or a house very quickly, then it takes over from the lava stone. Finally a "butler", electronic and programmable remote thermostat, gives orders to the nearest half degree to the radiators, this wireless.

Vulcanos, radiators that do not burn

The surface temperature of Vulcanos is much lower than the requirements of current European standards. In addition, the thermal limiters avoid any risk of overheating. The resistance is equipped with a thermo-fuse. Everything is done for optimal security. Moreover, Vulcanos are guaranteed for 30 years against any defect in form or workmanship. Note that they are entirely made in France.

Vulcanos, the well-being of central heating without drawbacks

The Vulcanos system provides the same well-being as with central heating, but without the disadvantages: - It is not necessary to install a boiler or pipes and there are no walls to drill . - Commissioning is immediate. Indeed, there are no other holes to make than those of the radiator fixings. - The implementation is also extremely fast. Vulcanos radiators are installed in a house during the day. - Its use is economical. The cost of fossil fuels is constantly increasing and they are, in any case, going to disappear. On the contrary, electricity is becoming more economical and more and more ecological thanks to wind turbines and photovoltaic panels, in particular. To find out more or to buy a device: www.vulcanos.fr