Electrolux Go Color: for a tonic breakfast

Electrolux Go Color: for a tonic breakfast

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For me, we can classify humanity into two groups: first there are people who need to take their time to wake up and who do not really emerge until after drinking their coffee. It is as if they were surrounded by a thick fog which should under no circumstances be dissipated by an external nuisance. I believe that I belong to this category elsewhere. And then there are the others, those who wake up feeling completely recharged during the night, who pass in 30 seconds from bed to shower with an alert step and who feel ready to swallow a Gargantuan breakfast. Generally these two categories have a hard time waking up together and when it forms a couple, the alarm clock often turns into a nightmare. Today I address myself to the second category because the first will say that it stings the eyes, I know it seen that it is the effect that it makes me.

The Electrolux Go Color range

Electrolux has just released a new range for breakfast consisting of a coffee maker, a toaster and a kettle. They rightly called it Go Color. Those who belong to the first category like me already guess the discomfort because these two words, Go and Color, are not at all associated with awakening in their minds.
At that time, I put on my sunglasses to prepare coffee. Listening only to my professionalism, I nevertheless do the details for people in the second category.

The Go Color coffee maker

There is therefore a 15-cup filter coffee maker with removable filter holder, anti-drip system and graduated tank. It is available in orange or purple and costs € 29.90.
Electrolux, Go Color coffee maker, EKF3130RE (orange) and EKF3130PU (purple), € 29.90

The Go Color kettle

Then we have the kettle, always in the same colors, with a 1.5 l tank with water level indicator. It is also available at a price of € 29.90.
Electrolux, Go Color coffee maker, EEWA3130RE (orange) and EEWA3130PU (purple), € 29.90

The Go Color toaster

Finally you have the toaster with electronic thermostat with the same colors and the same prices. That way, there is no risk of being wrong!
Electrolux, Go Color toaster, EAT3130RE (orange) and EAT3130PU (purple), € 29.90 My Christmas tip: to offer to a student who leaves the family nest and who needs to be boosted at breakfast!


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