How to mix a chainsaw?

How to mix a chainsaw?

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Answer: yes, mixing oil and petrol is very simple.

In a chainsaw, the oil is incorporated into the gasoline. The manufacturer always indicates the percentage of oil required. Make sure to respect the proportions indicated. On average, the share of oil in the fuel is between 2 and 4%. The rest is petrol. Never mix directly in the tank. The simplest is to use a 5 liter jerry can easy to fill with unleaded 95 at the pump. Buy 2-stroke engine oil. The indication "2T" must appear on the container. For a 2% mixture, pour 100 ml of oil for 5 liters of SP. The house mixture does not exceed a shelf life of one to three months depending on the storage conditions. There is no point in making large quantities; you can buy a ready-made mixture in store. The product is of better quality. It will keep for two to three years. But it costs more: between 5 and 8 € per liter. Cut tiling with a grinder Our practical DIY videos