What colors to associate with lagoon blue?

What colors to associate with lagoon blue?

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Indispensable in terms of decoration, blue is available in an incredible palette of tones and is loved everywhere. Chic, vibrant, dynamic, it is among the big trends of the moment. And to flood your home with a change of scenery, the blue lagoon is second to none. On the walls, in the windows, from the living room to the bedroom, it is appreciated as well on the table as in the bathroom. To match with finesse for a decoration without false note.

Blue lagoon: invitation to travel

The blue lagoon evokes pretty seascapes, escapades in the sun, trips to the other end of the world, lazing around on the great beaches of the Caribbean. This sky and sea color brings a bright touch to a slightly too dark room and tends to visually enlarge the space. It brings notes of freshness that can be warmed by associating it with orange, its complementary color: a stimulating combination ideal for entry, living room, kitchen or bathroom. The marine atmosphere can be confirmed with curtains and cushions striped in blue and white.

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Blue lagoon and white for a classic decor

If you want an atmosphere that is both fresh and classic, you opt for the combination of blue lagoon and white, ultra bright. So it's time to repaint the small rustic furniture to bring it up to date. But nothing prevents you from falling for vintage furniture in plexiglass in order to play the card of transparency: dining area equipped with retro plexi stools, toilet seat and lagoon blue roll holder on immaculate white walls, decorative objects and table living room in lagoon blue tempered glass. For dishes and various kitchen and bathroom accessories, we draw on the Koziol range, a specialist in design style.

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Blue lagoon and taupe: tribute to nature

For a soft and soothing decor, why not combine lagoon blue with taupe? An ideal harmony in the bedroom, the mole bringing a lot of softness. In this type of atmosphere, linen has its place both on the windows and on the bed. A beige leather fireside chair and small natural wood furniture are perfect for confirming the natural spirit in this room dedicated to rest. We can of course add a few tangy touches of anise green or orange thanks to a few well-chosen objects such as a psyche, a set mirror or small lamps which will diffuse, in the evening, a pleasant dim light.

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Lagoon blue and black for an original style

The contemporary spirit is confirmed by the ideal combination of lagoon blue and black in a loft, an artist's studio, an atypical house. This association with a strong character reflects the strong personality of the owner. Both refined and ultra design, the blue lagoon and black harmony can be punctuated with metallic notes: zinc corner bar, black wooden staircase and steel gray handrail, stainless steel objects, aluminum wire suspension or still bronze sculptures.

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