The mistakes to avoid with a Zen interior

The mistakes to avoid with a Zen interior

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Because your life can be summed up in 3 words: metro, work and dodo, you have decided to make your interior a space of relaxation and rest. For this, you opt for a Zen interior. This choice is judicious on condition of not committing any odds. To help you achieve a harmonious Zen decor, here are some errors often encountered and solutions to remedy them.

Mistake # 1: Forgetting plants

A Zen interior offers neutral and restful colors, all in a refined atmosphere. It is therefore an atmosphere where nature has its place through plants, flowers or other plants. For a Zen atmosphere, we focus on bonsai, white flowers, orchids or presentations in which water and pebbles are highlighted. To combine business with pleasure, we choose depolluting plants and white geometric vases.

Mistake N ° 2: Opt for the purified

Your interior is a living space. If you want to opt for a refined decor, do not overdo it. Opt for a refined and practical atmosphere. Bet on the large storage spaces that extend from floor to ceiling, and which camouflage themselves behind white panels or curtains. Choose simple furniture or, in water rooms, hanging furniture. Free up space, unclutter, minimize the presence of trinkets of all kinds but keep a touch of personality.

Mistake # 3: Overloading

Of course the whole uncluttered is not advised, but needless to overload it! All major brands offer Japanese and Zen decorative items. Between the frames, the statuettes and the many products depicting yin and yang, it is difficult to make a choice. These can be placed sparingly at home but be sure to put a limit. A Zen interior is above all a lightly charged interior that breathes. Finally, last tip, always choose the natural. No need to put photos of bamboo, put real bamboo at home, simply!

Mistake # 4: Forget about comfort

A Zen decor is refined and uncluttered. However, comfort should not be forgotten. Cushions, rugs and throws will find their place in your home. Bet on woolen blankets, wool or linen cushions and carpets made of natural fibers. More generally, opt for simplicity, neutral colors and natural materials.

Mistake 5: Abandoning colors

A Zen atmosphere is not incompatible with the presence of colors. So do not abandon them but choose them with subtlety. For a Zen atmosphere, we put on neutral or natural colors. We can dare black, white and all shades of gray but also beige, green, brick red and brown. Natural materials are welcome! Dare to invite stone, slate or wood to your home via the paneling. For a Zen interior, all these natural materials must retain their original appearance. Our practical table center videos