What kitchen color with orange tiles?

What kitchen color with orange tiles?

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Question from Delphine:


Answer: choose a kitchen in lacquered gray

Hello Delphine, with an orange-colored tiling on the floor in your kitchen, I advise you to change the panels of your furniture and choose gray lacquered. The facades must be flat and the handles visible in chromed metal or completely hidden. The lacquered finish will enlarge the space and give a modern touch to your kitchen. I do not know the size of your room but if it is large enough, you could arrange a central island in order to create a friendly space involving bar stools and design decoration elements. For the splashback, take the color of your floor and lay a beautiful orange matt tiling or zelliges of the same color. On the wall, opt for a pearl gray paint and therefore much lighter than the other colors already present in the room, in order to highlight the whole! You too, send us your decoration question