Have you thought about the end of the bed in the bedroom?

Have you thought about the end of the bed in the bedroom?

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When you are lucky enough to have a large room, it is not always easy to furnish it without having the impression of overloading it. To avoid weighing down the decor, we put on low furniture, all in length which accentuate this impression of place. At the end of the bed, for example, you can install a small bench, as decorative as it is practical to put down your clothes for the day or sit down to put on your shoes. Are you still hesitating? Then take a look at our shopping list at low prices!

A small classic bench

With an often classic look, with its padded fabric seat, the end of the bed can still and always seduce its ladies. In a room with a romantic atmosphere, we opt of course for an elegant wooden model with a beige, purple or even pale pink coating. We love the Acanthe model from Amadeus in linen. Its powdery pink will make your friends green with envy!

Does a designer bed end exist?

Classic style means nothing to you? Don't worry, there are also beds with a more contemporary design like the Wood model from Conforama. Its large armrests, its trendy gray color and its wooden feet make it a room full of charm.

With a chest

Be aware that the end tables can also be very practical when they have a storage chest. We then slip in the big winter blankets or the bed linen that clutters our wardrobe. If you prefer a more ventilated model than the trunk version, opt for a bed end with shelves or with pretty decorative baskets. Our practical nursery decor videos