Linen travels with bohemian patterns

Linen travels with bohemian patterns

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The trend is to escape, to mix cultures. The decor gets involved, highlighting the colors and prints evoking distant lands. Very in vogue, the bohemian spirit ignores the conveniences for greater freedom of expression. It colors household linen with vibrant, romantic and delicate touches. A skilful blend of soft tones and eclectic patchworks, bohemian linen inspires reverie.

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Bohemian spirit bed linen for sweet dreams

The bedroom has a new look, with pastel walls that come in shades of purple and pink. A romantic-bohemian accent on the surface that can be confirmed by Moldavian, Romanian or oriental furniture, and lace curtains for charm and chic. A rather wise side to raise shimmering colors which recall the folk outfits of the beautiful Russian dolls. To do this, we opt for linens in cheerful colors: red and green, of course, the same ones that adorn Slavic clothes. To push attention to detail, some lace and embroidery are welcome. To be offered in large decoration stores or to create yourself with needles.
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Gypsy atmosphere at bath time

The bathroom is not to be outdone. It is the place where we recharge and where the spirit wanders. To satisfy a desire to travel, one wraps oneself in a soft bathrobe joyfully printed with large flowers and bordered with lace. The colorful bath linens sparkle each well-being break, and we do not hesitate to multiply the patterns for a confirmed bohemian spirit: flowers, naive designs, small dots and stripes of all colors will undoubtedly hover. spirit in the bathroom. A hodgepodge that knows no bounds: the bohemian style is expressed in the purest freedom without taking into account any codes. We indulge in a profusion of tones without fear of cacophony. Finally, we play the transparency card to take advantage of natural light by dressing the veil window in jacquard or plain organza.
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A bohemian breath in the kitchen

From the kitchen to the dining room, the meal time is brightened up with nomad-inspired linens. Again, the mixture of prints and abundant colors invite themselves to the family table. While the tea towels take on a falsely aged look or are adorned with elephant or Buddha patterns, the tablecloth and the napkins display a most sparkling patchwork, where fuchsia, turquoise blue, purple, red, saffron and green blend… just enough to remind you the time when the hippie wave was all the rage. And to intensify this touching riot of colors, the furniture and the objects get involved. Tassels, Hindu chest, oriental ottoman and mesh ottoman, crocheted chair covers in multicolored cotton and Moorish sideboard rub shoulders in a good mood to create a skilful blend of cultures.
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