Decoration: what colors go well with coral pink?

Decoration: what colors go well with coral pink?

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Coral, the Pantone color 2019


Full of energy and synonymous with summer, the coral is the color chosen by Pantone for the year 2019. It is more precisely the shade "Living Coral" (or Pantone 16-1546) which was elected.

Coral is a bright and sparkling color, which has the gift of putting in a good mood. Bright while remaining soft, it brings light and a warm appearance to the room. The advantage of coral is that no part can resist it. Living room, bedroom, bathroom or even kitchen: everything is fine!

For a successful and modern decoration, it is important to know with which colors the coral matches. If you want a cheerful interior, this is the color to adopt.

A touch of romanticism in the decor: coral pink and purple

To bring a touch of romanticism to the interior decoration, coral pink can be combined with tones warmed up by a hint of red such as deep purple, mauve, plum or eggplant. We thus obtain an elegant shades to place without restraint on the walls of the living room or bedroom and which will enhance very stylish white lacquered furniture.

But let the nostalgic reassure themselves: antique furniture in wrought iron will find their place in this type of atmosphere just as much. Equally delightful in a bathroom, the combination of coral pink and purple is perfect to accompany moments dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

In a room, the association of the two colors creates a boudoir spirit, very art deco. For that, play on the materials by opting for a velvet armchair, and paint the walls in a mat plum / eggplant shade.

A subtle harmony: coral pink and gray

Ideal in a nuanced feminine interior, coral pink avoids a little too marshmallow decor and elegantly blends with gray: from pearl gray for clarity to anthracite for character, the gray palette offers very nice possibilities, even in a child's bedroom.

This association will also bring all its subtlety to a feminine / masculine loft flooded with light. The steep side of industrial furniture or metal objects can indeed be softened by a large carpet, a huge sofa or a section of coral pink wall. You can also come and reheat, thanks to the coral, a Scandinavian style decoration a little too wise.

If in the kitchen gray and black reign supreme, we can again soften and feminize the decor thanks to some coral pink objects, paintings and other stickers that will brighten up the walls.

Tribute to nature: coral pink and green

It is a very elegant decoration, of art deco inspiration, that arouses the association of coral pink and green. Opt for a deep, almost emerald green for this combination.

This type of atmosphere is particularly suitable for a living room. Dare retro furniture, to accentuate the vintage effect of the coral pink-emerald green mixture. A green marble coffee table, small touches of golden brass on the legs of your furniture or light fixtures, a comfortable velvet sofa ... This is a decoration worthy of the 20-30s!

To accentuate the natural effect, do not hesitate to install some green plants in the room. The most daring will come to create an urban jungle or a green wall to recreate this soothing "return to nature" spirit.

Depth and refinement: coral pink and blue

Both original and vibrant, the association coral pink and blue has something magical about it. Whether it's deep blue (midnight blue type) or a more turquoise blue, you will make no mistake by combining these two colors in your interior.

Blue is the color of escape, of the great outdoors, and favors relaxation. It is ideal for decorating an adult bedroom or a child's bedroom because it promotes sleep. Make it the main color of the bedroom, and add a few notes of coral thanks to the bed linen.

In a living room, this association of color creates a boudoir effect. A cozy but warm atmosphere, which can be lit with a few rose gold metal objects, such as a light fixture or trinkets.