The patterns of trees and branches for a charming fall decor

The patterns of trees and branches for a charming fall decor

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Before hibernating, the decor lives in the undergrowth, multiplying the patterns of leaves, deer or mushrooms. But it is above all the plant motifs that are highlighted: bare branches, leafless trees ... So, what are we waiting for to adopt the flagship motif of the season?

It's in season

In the kitchen, it is normal to favor seasonal fruits and vegetables. In decoration, these are the seasonal patterns that it is normal to pamper! And the best tribute that we can pay in the fall undoubtedly goes through leafless branches. Clean, poetic and natural patterns that echo the exterior landscape while bringing a touch of charm to our interior…

Our selection

On the shopping side, our favorites are numerous. At Fly, we literally melt for the round but flat vase called "Sombra" (€ 14.90), on which silhouettes of bare trees gracefully stand out against the white background. In the same spirit, the "Winter" printed canvas overhangs the decor thanks to the graphic photography of a bare oak. At Jardin d'Ulysse, we are still in awe of these autumn branches whose poetry has inspired patterns on pillowcases, curtains or lampshades. Even wall coverings are no exception to the trend. At Ferm Living, the "Tree Bomb" wallpaper features branches patterns on a light background. In the same range, there is also a cork kitchen tray, porcelain mugs and cushions just as irresistible ... It remains to appropriate one of these emergency rooms!