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. 1 ENOS pedestal table high gloss gloss lacquer Black An aesthetic pedestal table that displays an ultra-bright high gloss finish, to choose in taupe or white ... Find the entire ENOS range on 1 Pedestal table with black metal tripod base Choose these color pedestal tables for a touch of good humor ... in black or white for a more graphic side, but always with a playful spirit. 3 SWISS 1 Black ATLANTA designer sofa bed 1 TYRON designer armchair in anthracite gray and chrome steel MILIBOO

Before after Max design armchair Description: The Max swivel design armchair // by is beautiful, elegant and comfortable… What else? DRAWER Patio solid teak TV stand 200 cm Luna rosewood console 120 cm Minimalys teak coffee table 120x70 TIKAMOON Specialist in solid furniture for all Mail: [email protected] 0805 69 69 02
PIN AND METAL STOOL Industrial furniture inspiration for this bi-material stool. In a natural, contemporary or urban interior, at the end of a sofa, bedside table, this stool finds its place and there are a thousand uses for it. NUMBERED SQUARE POUFS Fun, graphic, practical poufs as a booster seat, end of sofa, bedside table… Perfect in an urban or contemporary interior. One side is printed with a number. SPOILER and on 0 892 399 399 (0.34 € per minute + possible additional cost depending on operator)
For the production of the library: INSIGNIS Pine shelves, from the Basque Country Spain, from sustainably managed forests (PEFC certified wood) Neat finish, chamfered edges, 90% knot-free, ready to paint or varnish. 1 DINAMIC 3 shelf H. 105.4 x 33 x 36.2 cm Solid pine, certified wood, thickness 16 mm, resistance 50 Kg per shelf 2 DMMCUA shelving cubes H. 30 x 19 x 30 cm Solid pine, certified wood, thickness 18 mm, resistance 20 Kg, delivered assembled, invisible fixing. 2 DMMHEX hexagonal shelves P.19 x 30 x 45 cm Solid pine, certified wood, thickness 18 mm, resistance 20 Kg, delivered assembled, invisible fixing. 1 DMMREC rectangular shelf D19 x 50 x H30 cm Solid pine, certified wood, thickness 18 mm, resistance 20 Kg, delivered assembled, invisible fixing. ASTIGARRAGA


. "Marouflette" effect Séverine Lepine and Géraldine Dyer 7ARTS WORKSHOP 0607679418 Creation of original works, the patterns are made of composite stone, patinated or waxed, the mineral material dresses your interior, personalizes it ... Meet our team of professionals who will advise you and offer you a decor in your image. ROULLAT Company Specialist in waxed concrete, paint and floor coverings Traditional Painting Located in Ermont in the Val d'Oise (95), the Roullat Company is a decoration and renovation company specializing in Waxed Concrete works of paints and coating of floors and walls. Created in 2002, we put at your service a know-how Artisanal and artistic arrangement. We travel to the north of the Paris region, Haut de Seine (92) and Paris (75). // Teak mirror Milano 140x70 TIKAMOON Specialist in solid furniture for all Mail: [email protected] 0805 69 69 02 Paintings: 1 FO TEXAS ROY'S 60X80 STOCKTON ALU Code: 060080FOT094601 1 FO TEXAS NEVA 60X80 STOCKTON ALU Code: 060080FOT094603 1 FO TEXAS HOT COC'S 30X40 STOCKT ALU Code: 030040FOT094601 1 FV MOTEL 60X80 STOCKT ALVM Code: 0600 CM CREATION Website: // Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 57 32 32 Mail: [email protected] Address: P.A Les Grandes Landes 18/20 rue Blaise Pascal 35580 GUICHEN Mural : Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Mat - CONCRETE WAX Dulux Valentine Architect Paint - Absolute Mat - MEDITATION DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range, only for sale at Leroy Merlin


. Parquet 431 MILAZZO ALSAFLOOR laminate flooring from ALSAPAN flooring The floor is offered in the broadcast in MILAZZO 430 in 8 mm thickness and an AC5 classification for large passage traffic for the entrance and the living-dining room. The fact of only placing a decoration on the 2 spaces makes it possible to visually enlarge the space. It is particularly recommended in all living rooms subject to passage (entrances, lounges) and domestic accidents such as dining rooms. The brand new Oak Empire decor was selected for the show for the timeless character of the oak and the contemporary aspect of its color nuances. And it's so easy to install, live and maintain anywhere in the house! Guaranteed 25 years, the ALSAFLOOR Laminate Flooring allows quick and easy installation: - in floating installation (the coating is not glued to the support, it is installed) - by fitting the boards with an exclusive patented system, the Zip 'n Go. ALSAFLOOR, one of the brands of ALSAPAN flooring 1 STARS Beige carpet Ref: 45500/2464 2m x 2.90m SAINT MACLOU


. 2 Design floor lamps with light gray lampshade and white GIOIA base MILIBOO 2 DEXTER architect floor lamp 1 Large lampshade suspension 2 Decorative lamps 2 POST adjustable metal and wood table lamp 3 SWISS


. WOODEN PRINTED CUSHION: Original, a cushion printed with round wooden patterns: we give ourselves a natural touch in the decor of the living room with this cushion which we reserve a special place for! SPOILER and on 0 892 399 399 (0.34 € per minute + possible additional cost depending on operator)


. INT 256 frosted film Brand REFLECTIV Whether you are looking to preserve your privacy or protect your home from prying eyes, the Réflectiv frosted film offers you the ideal solution to obscure the view while letting in light. The INT 256 frosted film transforms any glazing into frosted glass, allowing the diffusion of a subtle and harmonious light. It is easy to install and easy to maintain (with soapy water). Réflectiv also offers decorative films, colors, heat protection, security, etc. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our website: Chrisligne "Wagram" door handle, in brushed and polished metal. Its ergonomic shape and its matt and shiny combination will embellish your door. CHRISLIGNE Available in Leroy Merlin, Bricorama, Mr Bricolage and BHV le marais stores.


. candles PARTYLITE Vase gray jar DSL400005 Vase drop PM blue bhw400002 Vase cup PM DSY410070 Vase tori GM HGC410044 Vase cup PM DSY410069 Soliflore picolo GM blue bhw400010 Soliflore picolo GM anis BHW400008 Ceramic jar PM gray blue HNC73 HNC73 drop GM turquoise BHW400001 COMING B Julien Paintings - Decor Spray - Matt BLACK JULIEN PAINTINGS