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Bordeaux makes the show!

Bordeaux makes the show!

Here is a color that, as soon as the summer season is behind us, finds its place perfectly in our wardrobe and in the decor of the house. Burgundy is one of the favorite colors of our fall color chart. So how do you harmonize it well? Small focus on bordeaux.

From fashion to decoration…

… There is only one step ! Burgundy has a double power and we see it very well in fashion shows: on the one hand, it softens a "garish" color and on the other, it energizes a color that is a little too dull. In the end, we wear it as well with yellow as with gray! In decoration, the principle will be the same, it will allow you to subtly attenuate the lively colors or it will elegantly enhance the slightly sad shades! You can therefore opt for example for a section of mustard yellow or apple green wall and dress the French window with curtains in burgundy shades. In the same way, you can choose a light gray as the basic color on your walls and play with furniture and burgundy decorative objects (sofa, lights, carpet ...) to revive and make your interior warmer.

The warm colors, reminders of the essentials

Do you want to refocus on what is really essential, like the need for a little homecoming? The decoration trends for the fall of 2012 confirm this, the warm colors remind us of the elements "earth" and "fire", necessary for life. In your interiors, the cocooning atmosphere will be very present and the burgundy, this elegant shade of red which tends to purple, will be perfect to make your home pleasantly warm.