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. 1 Rectangular table with tapered natural legs RAVEL A natural, functional design, essential for this certified Scandinavian inspired dining table! In the same collection, discover on our site the whole Scandinavian RAVEL spirit range. (Guarantee: 1 YEAR) 2 lots of 2 RAVEL chairs A natural, functional design, essential for these pretty certified Scandinavian-style chairs! 3 SWISS

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COOKE & LEWIS Sixties Kitchen 15 year warranty Available within 15 days A simple and friendly style for this vintage kitchen with retro colors. Play the trend card by opting for the alternation of facade colors. Guaranteed effect! - Flat facade with rounded edges and broken angles. - Drawers and pans fitted with the closing brake mechanism for soft and automatic closing at the end of the stroke - Door dampers to absorb shocks and limit noise - 4 colors: green, linen, blue and cream - Bright finish White PPSM boxes (melamine coated particle board), th. 16 mm. Doors and drawer fronts in MDF (medium density fibreboard) coated with PVC, thickness. 19 mm. Sold without handle. A self-assembly. COOKE & LEWIS, a brand developed for Castorama Find all the models in the range To design your kitchen for free online? The CASTO 3D KITCHEN design tool suggests ideal locations, already integrating standards, constraints, functional and practical logic, in order to offer you a complete, optimized and turnkey project. To learn how to build your own kitchen, THE PACK GET STARTED "MAKE A KITCHEN "Tips, advice and a list of tools for preparing your project, step by step videos and an easel booklet to take to the site so you don't go wrong. € 9.90 per pack. Need a hand to build your kitchen? Think of the Troc'h heures! The 1st DIY support platform for exchanging know-how and time between individuals to learn DIY together. CASTORAMA


. Intuition aluminum laminate worktop COOKE & LEWIS, an exclusive brand of Castorama. Smart Tiles, unique concept of adhesive wall tiles. An ultra easy application, a very varied range and a stunning rendering for this inexpensive decorative solution which allows all rooms of the house to be renovated in the blink of an eye. On a painted wall or even an existing tile. From 5.49 € the 25x25cm plate THE SMART TILES Available on the site


. The 1.5 L Glacier Simple to use, just place the tank the day before in the freezer (10 to 12 hours). The same day, pour the preparation, wait 20 minutes and you can immediately taste a creamy ice cream or sorbet! On / off switch Stainless steel tank Practical pouring Dimensions: H. 270 mm x ø. 170 mm Bowl height: 180 mm Power: 15 W 3 year parts warranty / 2 years labor The Toaster Vision The first toaster with panoramic vision. Visual control for perfect toast Very simple to use: 1 button = 1 high-performance infrared quartz function Double-walled insulating doors with secure opening Crumb tray Drawer Extra high lift / Automatic bread ejection 8 degrees of browning Baguette, reheating and thawing function Grid all breads: extra large slit Stainless steel body, cast aluminum and glass Power 1450 W Dimensions: 22.5 x 39.5 x 18 cm Also available in ivory, red, black and shiny brushed colors New colors: pink, orange, blue and yellow
The Mini Plus The Mini Plus, silent, compact and smart, is ideal for spaces, singles or couples. Multifunction (mixer, chop, mince / grate, whisk / knead) Professional motor Citrus juicer Tank 1.7L Mini tank 0.5L Ergonomic storage Book of 80 recipes Power 400 W Capacities: Creamy 0.6l Short dough 500g Bread dough 400g Meat chopped 500g Carrots 600g Egg whites 4 Kitchen System Range: CS 5200 XL multi-function robot An essential aid for easy and quick cooking as for the most elaborate dishes. A robot for all preparations! Chop, mix, beat the egg whites, emulsify, knead ... the extra large chute allows you to mince or grate whole or large pieces of fruit and vegetables. 3 robots in 1 Ergonomic storage Professional motor (guaranteed 20 years) 3.6L tank Midi tank Mini tank Citrus press Up to 8 people Book of 100 recipes included Power 1100 W MAGIMIX


. 1 BRIO Small Black Matte lamp 1 BRIO Large Black Matte lamp This adjustable spot comes to rest on a removable cork base and allows various orientations of the light beam. The exterior finish of the bamboo lampshade highlights the traditional lacquer technique and is embellished with a contemporary woven cord. The interior in natural bamboo diffuses a soft light, in harmony with the texture of the cork. EKOBO HOME 2 Autonomous Lights 5 White LEDs Ref: LP545
• 5 LEDs
• Autonomy: 60 h
• 3 LR03 batteries (included)
• 360 ° swivel head, and 30 ° for steering
• White, metal, black and burgundy +: 360 ° Swivel Swivel Head 2 intensities XANLITE Floor lamp Telesto H 64,5 40 W White / Chrome COLORS COLORS, a brand developed by Castorama


. "WAGRAM" door handle by Chrisligne CHRISLIGNE Available in Leroy Merlin, Bricorama, Mr Bricolage and BHV le marais stores.


. Paintings: 1 LA PUB SAIN RAPHAEL 50X70EP30 MA BL Code: 050070PUM032005 1 LA PUB BISCUIT LU 24X32 EP30 MAT BL Code: 024032PUM032003 1 LA PUB HUILE OLIVE 50X70EP30 MAT BL Code: 050070PUM032004 CM CREATION Website: // Tel: +33 (0) 2 99 57 32 32 Mail: [email protected] Address: P.A Les Grandes Landes 18/20 rue Blaise Pascal 35580 GUICHEN 3 Venetian blind stores B310 MADECO For the creation of the Slate Blackboard: CHARBON slate paint 1 Brush for chalkboard paint and whiteboard paint 1 Box of 10 chalks of assorted colors + white chalks IDESTY'L
Sausage board lamp tip 3 cutting boards with handle in solid natural beech wood WOOD AND POTTERY.COM Welcome to Bois et - Your online store specializing in the manufacture and sale of natural wood and terracotta equipment and accessories for your home, your garden and in general everything for your well-being. Wood and Pottery a whole selection of items to make your life easier and have fun using them: Kitchen utensils, Pantry, Tableware, Vinegar and Barrel, Wooden cutlery, Cheese board and many other. Mural : Painting Dulux valentine Architecte - Mat Absolu - TITANE Painting Dulux Valentine Architecte - Mat Absolu - CRAIE DULUX VALENTINE ARCHITECT range only for sale at Leroy Merlin


. Parquet 431 MILAZZO ALSAFLOOR laminate flooring from ALSAPAN flooring The floor is offered in the broadcast in MILAZZO 430 in 8 mm thickness and an AC5 classification for large passage traffic for the entrance and the living-dining room. The fact of only placing a decoration on the 2 spaces makes it possible to visually enlarge the space. It is particularly recommended in all living rooms subject to passage (entrances, lounges) and domestic accidents such as dining rooms. The brand new Oak Empire decor was selected for the show for the timeless character of the oak and the contemporary aspect of its color nuances. And it's so easy to install, live and maintain anywhere in the house! Guaranteed 25 years, the ALSAFLOOR Laminate Flooring allows quick and easy installation: - floating installation (the coating is not glued to the support, it is installed) - by fitting the blades with an exclusive patented system, the Zip 'n Go. ALSAFLOOR, one of the brands of ALSAPAN flooring


. COLOR LINE range: 4 COLOR LINE flat plates Twine 27 cm 4 COLOR LINE dessert plates Twine 21 cm 4 COLOR LINE deep plates 4 COLOR LINE coffee cups LABEL range 4 LABEL wine glasses 4 LABEL mug glasses 4 LABEL champagne glasses SIBO HOMECONCEPT  1 CALIMERO KURO Bamboo salad bowl - EKOBO Black Matte With a large capacity, this bamboo salad bowl with beautiful rounded lines will dress your table every day with a trendy and eco-chic look. Its generous shape facilitates its daily use and is suitable for all types of salads. A notch on the edge makes it possible to present and hold in place the matching MIRO cutlery, which is sold separately. CALIMERO also exists in POP and ELEMENTS versions. Food varnish. Suitable for hot or cold food. Resists stains and odors. Although our creations are made by hand with the greatest care, small imperfections or slight variations in color may appear. 1 RONDO KURO Small Box with lid - EKOBO 1 RONDO KURO Large Box with lid - EKOBO These round containers play on the alternation of colors and materials between container and cover: The container is made of bamboo with a unique charcoal black finish, which is none other than the 10 undercoats of traditional lacquer, and the cover is made of natural cork . Available in 2 heights, they are ideal as storage boxes in the kitchen or on the shelves. RONDO also exists in small model, as well as in POP version. Food varnish. Resists stains and odors. Although our creations are made by hand with the greatest care, small imperfections or slight variations in color may appear. EKOBO HOME


. 1 Tea towel "Cream of vegetables" Ref: CFIFILITO6 1 Apron "Cream of vegetables" Ref: CFIFILITA6 4 Place mats "Dark gray - Small spoon" ORIGAMI collection DAYCOLLECTION


. Refrigerator magnets made to measure by FUNNYDOORS 1 Box "Vegetable cream / Pancake" Ref: CFIFIBOCU5 DAYCOLLECTION Special kitchen hook: ref: 436820 2 double hooks ref: 841686 1 hook ref: 436868 1 basket for hanging spices ref: 234419 1 circular stainless steel storage basket ref: 233511 Diamond anti-lime system ref: 658918 1 Drip tray 237304 1 support for sponge 200414 1 30 L trash can ref: 184462 1 dishwasher dispenser ref: 656976 WENKO 1 spatula F1025 violet 1 spatula F10305 violet 1 spatula F10405 violet 1 crepe spatula F16161 1 spoon F15005 violet 1 tongs F16805 violet 1 brush F12739 violet 1 pear brush F13310 1 pear with sauce F13945 violet 1 vegetable peeler F20039 violet 1 scissors F24105 purple 1 grated mortar F28001 1 chocolate fondue f47521 1 foam and cream box F48827 OR 1 siphon hot and cold foams F48814 OR 1 siphon pro F48850 1 cast iron crepe maker F63188 or F63186 1 balance F6439 purple 1 clip timer F77839 purple 1 potholder F82805 purple spice jars F92656 1 magnetic tongs F90440 purple 1 mini chopper F25300 black 1 set of 3 bowls F29253 1 box of ceramic knives F22167 1 duo of mini mills F27752 1 quick baking sheet F68981 black 3 cookbooks of your choice 1 nomad mug F07201 smoky gray MASTRAD