The reasons for a masculine touch in the decor

The reasons for a masculine touch in the decor

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When you live as a couple, you must ensure that your interior is the synthesis of your two personalities. Because men also have a say in decoration, here is a selection of objects with male motifs that they will surely like.

Classic decor

Classic patterns often come close to the masculine world because men like their sobriety. The stripes when they are fine and in dark colors as on the Balzane ink duvet cover at Olivier Desforges (€ 199) bring a very distinguished masculine touch. This is also the case for Scottish patterns which, with their vintage side, adhere well to the times as is the case for the Rockabilly sofa by Roimage (€ 299).

Urban decor

For a more contemporary but still masculine atmosphere, we must turn to urban decor. We can then play with the typography patterns as on the typo frame of AM.PM (129 €). The flags are also acclaimed by men as evidenced by the Smeg refrigerator decorated with the Union Jack (from 632 €) which succeeds in giving a masculine touch to the kitchen. Finally the Newspaper duvet cover (3 Swiss, from € 20.99) plays on both tables by associating the letters in a newspaper style for the male side with bright colors for the female side.

Deco geek

Even more modern, the geek decor appeals to young men. In this case, we use the motifs inspired by the world of video games such as the Space Invaders wall stickers (€ 44.90) or the Tetris cushion by Home Spirit (€ 20.43). More graphic, the pixel is also popular like the Pixel rug by Esprit Home (from € 99).