All about window maintenance and renovation

All about window maintenance and renovation

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Well-maintained windows will protect rooms in your home or office from strong drafts, cold, rain, or dust for many years. Whether they are made of wood, aluminum or PVC, it is important to know the window maintenance procedures. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a window installation

Maintenance and renovation of wooden windows

In order to prevent the wood from expanding during the summer, you should paint your wooden windows with a light color. This will extend their lifespan. Also remember to check the condition of the wood during the winter to detect the presence of black spots that are fungi or possible holes that reveal the presence of worms. Remember to regularly change the seals which, once worn, increase the presence of mold on the wood. Regarding the renovation of your windows, it is necessary to start by sanding the areas where the varnish is chipped before applying a new coat of varnish. If the wood has cracks, you can use two-component putty to plug the holes. You can use a dry brush to remove dust residue from the wood.

Maintain and renovate PVC windows

PVC windows are the easiest to clean; however, they require more regular maintenance than those made of wood. You can wash the chassis using a sponge soaked in soapy water and a clean cloth. You can use slightly corrosive products to remove persistent stains but this requires caution because the paint does not resist corrosive products. If you want to repaint the frame, you will need to use a coating specially designed for PVC frames because ordinary paint may form lumps on top of the original paint, leaving an unattractive result. Do not hesitate to ask your distributor to make the right choice.

Caring for aluminum windows

Aluminum is arguably the most expensive material in window design. However, this price is justified by the fact that aluminum windows are characterized by exceptional longevity. The maintenance of windows subjected to attacks such as pollution or humidity must be regular. You will therefore need to clean your windows with soapy water at least 6 times a year if you live in an urban area. In rural areas, 2 cleanings per year are more than enough. Indeed, pollution and chemical substances can damage aluminum joinery. It is not recommended to use corrosive products while cleaning your windows. You can use a neutral detergent diluted in water to remove stubborn stains on aluminum. Remember to rinse all treated surfaces and allow them to air dry.