Put your decor on the carpet

Put your decor on the carpet

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Looking for a change in your living room, does that mean an irresistible carpet that would change the illico atmosphere of your decor? Look no further and choose from our selection of 100% trendy rugs at low prices!

Berber rugs for an ultra trendy ethnic spirit

Inspired by North African craftsmanship, Berber carpets are more and more in a contemporary interior. Bringing together an ancient know-how revisited up to date, they have a real decorative value. More and more widespread, their prices are democratizing and it is possible to find from 29.90 euros at La Redoute. Often in white and black as at AM PM, some decline the color on Made in Design. Easily recognizable with their geometric patterns and thicknesses, they are a real invitation to travel.

You will surely give in to pastel rugs

A true manifesto with good humor and softness, a pastel-colored carpet adorns the living room with a serene and soothing atmosphere. To be preferred with fine weather to further illuminate your living room. Our favorite goes straight to the Agasta carpet from La Redoute with its very soft touch and its very small price (99.99 euros)!

Rugs with geometric patterns are wreaking havoc

Rugs with geometric patterns catch all eyes on them. Preferably in shades of fairly soft tones, they bring a graphic touch to a living room without ostentation. Herringbone or zigzag at Urban Oufitters, they offer a unique volume to your floor.Lock the carpet in your living room Our practical decoration videos