Meeting with Eric Gizard, designer and interior architect

Meeting with Eric Gizard, designer and interior architect

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Creator of the year at Maison & Objet in 2005 with Andrée Putman, Eric Gizard, designer and interior architect, presents his work that is both eclectic, contemporary and contrasted.

How would you qualify your job? What is your part ?

My job is first of all a creative job that allows me to work on very different subjects and each project allows me to enrich my vision of the next subject. It is also a job very closely linked to psychology because doing a project, especially a private one, requires getting into people's privacy. We must seduce, reassure, but also know how to say no if the requests do not comply with the creative vision of the project. My role within the agency is to be like a conductor who must know how to do everything. Of course, you have to be creative, know how to get the message across to the teams and know how to sell the project. And then everything else that falls to the manager of a company. It's a lot.

What are your inspirations?

Most of the time it is ultimately in Contemporary Art that I find my formal inspirations. Afterwards, it is travel and meetings that allow me to always have a spirit rich in proposals.

You have redesigned the Leather in the Square collections, how can we use leather in the house?

Today, leather can be used everywhere in the house, from floor to ceiling and even outside with specially treated leathers. I even present, at Maison & Objet, a mini kitchen totally dressed in leather, always with this chromatic and graphic research that I set up with Cuir au Carré in the fall of 2011 when the brand entrusted me with its artistic direction. .

What are your next projects ?

Various and varied. I present at the carpet show at Toulemonde Bochart, I present at Cuir au Carré new creative proposals for wall coverings in relief. At Cristal St Louis, I present two new chandelier models created from the Vibration lamp. I am working on a boutique concept for a Russian designer and I also work for a Belgian textile editor.

Can you tell us a little bit about your interior?

It is an open space, without a door, just dividing modules that allow you to create privacy zones. Some furniture and lighting that I created for different publishers and some pieces of vintage furniture. And then a lot of ceramics that I love. Old parquet flooring, white wall and woodwork in the bedroom and a false color ceiling in the kitchen, bathroom and dressing room.