A facelift in my living room for less than 200 euros

A facelift in my living room for less than 200 euros

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With the arrival of spring, the desire for change is being felt and on the decor side, we are already seeing the bill climb! Difficult, therefore, to get started without imagining having to break the bank to give a good facelift in its interior. Fortunately, we have thought of your budget, and we have found some tips to refresh your living room in a loft style without spending all your savings. Follow the guide !

A plaid on the sofa: 19.99 euros

Are you looking for the loft style of the moment, but can't invest in a great leather sofa? Don't worry anymore, we have the solution. A large brown plaid will transform your sofa at low cost. It will then be enough to find him some cushions to accessorize it, and voila!
Photo credit: 3 Suisses

A lamp that makes all the difference: 39.90 euros

The loft style obviously uses metal in its decoration. For this, nothing could be simpler, opt for a lamp with a white or colored industrial look according to your wishes. Small idea and small price, but a decoration of the most successful!
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Brick effect wallpaper: 18.90 euros

When we hear loft style, we imagine of course in a great Brooklyn apartment with exposed bricks. To also have some at home, we cheat, with a red brick imitation wallpaper that we put on the wall of the sofa. The illusion is perfect, don't you think?
Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

A side table: 35.99 euros

Between the coffee table and the bedside table, the end table can be useful in the living room. To stay in the "loft" theme, bet on an all-metal, factory-style model. Brown or black, it's up to you!
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

A coffee table: 59.99 euros

To fulfill our mission "a loft-style living room at a low price" to the end, we invite you to let the raw materials enter the living room. A small wooden coffee table with a contemporary look plays the game perfectly. We adopt it as soon as possible.
Photo credit: Mon Déco Corner