Point to the line, candles to eat

Point to the line, candles to eat

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A real decorative object, the candle is delicious, artistic, elegant. It has become the essential object of our interiors. Divinely scented, colorful, sparkling, the candle becomes an object of ephemeral art. To offer the most beautiful models of candles, Point à la ligne stores are really essential. The brand renews its collections every year, always very original.

Redemption of Point à la ligne

Point à la ligne boutiques, specializing in the creation of candles, have found new life thanks to the creativity of Marc Devineau, often described as a tireless traveler. It was on January 7, 2011 that Point à la ligne joined the Devineau group, joining its main competitor: the Bougies la Française brand. Point à la ligne, already widely represented internationally, both in Asia and in the Middle East, has boosted its sales since its acquisition.

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Final point

Particularly present in boutiques and department stores, Point à la ligne meets specific and ever-growing needs in terms of interior decoration. Today, Point à la ligne excels even more in the art of candles and at the same time offers other decorative objects such as tealight holders, lanterns, candle holders and other vases, but also dishes. Each item from the Point à la ligne label accompanies tableware with delight and sweetness or is delicately placed on a pedestal table, a coffee table or in an alcove in the bathroom: Sublime Vertigo candle, Ying lantern and Onyx lantern, Poet's lamp and Cage lantern are some examples of creations by Point à la ligne. It must be recognized that the small point candle at the line has everything to seduce us. Cast by hand according to artisanal know-how, it can be curled up in a case of mouth-blown glass. A true work of art, it is available in more than eighty models. Each of them brandishes its flame like an offering that shines for more than thirty delicious hours: a must to subdue moments of intimacy and well-being with its soft sparkle.
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Point to the line, candles to eat

Point à la ligne offers candles capable of bringing back our childhood memories. The collection of jam candles delicately placed in small gourmet jars makes our mouth water. These fiery creations are available in fruity and flowery flavors combining rhubarb, nasturtium flower, green tomato. It sometimes takes on the appearance of a macaroon like the brand's eponymous candle. And what about the milk jam candle and lavender sprig? It evokes the breakfasts of yesteryear and school snacks. Point à la ligne candles wake up like no other some olfactory reminiscences to make us relive in thought the Sunday picnics by the water or in the countryside.

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