Keeping a kitchen clean

Keeping a kitchen clean

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Refrigerator, microwave, pots… Carinne Guilbert from Guilbert Propreté ( in Bondy (93), tells us everything about these devices, so hard to keep clean! Interview by Pierre Tessier

How to keep your kitchen clean and in good condition?

To protect your walls from steam and splashes, it is better to put tiles. On the other hand, avoid wallpaper or all porous coverings, such as the tomette, for example, which clog more easily. When you have this kind of coating in your kitchen, you can however apply a layer of varnish to protect it and make it easier to wash. Some work plans also require special maintenance. For stainless steel, first clean with a soft cloth, before passing a special stainless steel protection product , found everywhere in supermarkets. As for wooden worktops, which are very fragile, they must be oiled regularly, at least once a month, to avoid the appearance of water stains in the wood.

What are the rules to follow to properly maintain a refrigerator?

A refrigerator needs to be defrosted at least twice a year, and to be cleaned at least once a month with a food detergent diluted in a little hot water, so as to remove the last traces of frost or the small molds that may be present. The interior is washed from the top, to avoid dirtying the shelves already cleaned. To prevent the appearance of bad smells, avoid overloading it and properly storing all perishable products in airtight packaging . There are also small tricks, for example putting a little ground coffee, lemon or orange blossom.

How to clean your hobs when there is a splash or when a pan has overflowed?

After having sponged the largest with paper towels, we pass a sponge by taking care to use a detergent for food use and not an aggressive product, because the cooking plates are in contact, even indirectly, with food. For induction hobs or ceramic hobs, there are products specially adapted to prevent scratches. These are creams that are spread and left to act for a few minutes before wiping, without having to use water. With this type of equipment, you should especially never use a metal pad . You can possibly use a razor blade or a little window cleaner when a stain refuses to leave.

How should you clean a microwave oven?

A microwave oven can be cleaned with a sponge, a food detergent and a little water. Above all, avoid overly aggressive products, such as bleach, and as with Teflon stoves, do not use the side of the sponge which is a scratch pad. Then, rinse with a sponge stroke, and being careful to use the minimum amount of water there as well, because the microwave oven is an electrical appliance. To deodorize and remove greasy splashes, you can also place a glass of water in the oven and turn it five to ten minutes at full power. Steam will take off stubborn stains and absorb bad odors. Our practical kitchen decoration videos