Install a pond in your garden

Install a pond in your garden

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The water garden brings a touch of originality and freshness to the garden. It is also the solution to give nature an eco-friendly boost. Whatever the size of the garden, you can install a pond to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation, play and let a beautiful collection of aquatic plants flourish.

Create a pond in a small garden

It is not necessary to have a large garden to develop a pond. In town as in the countryside, you can use a drinker, a barrel, or even a zinc bowl. The result can be full of charm so little that care is taken to add plant decoration. These small containers lend themselves to all reliefs: flat terrain, sloping garden, terrace. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the exposure of the basin to see aquatic plants flourish and why not some fish. Avoid at all costs the sudden rise in water temperature, which is quite frequent when these mini-basins are exposed to the sun during the hottest hours. It is therefore better to reserve a shaded place in the garden for them.

Large open spaces and a pond

When you are lucky enough to own a large garden, all fantasies are allowed. There is enough space to create a large tank. Among the many possible solutions, we can create a natural swimming pool or a small pond to allow the development of a real ecosystem perfectly organized. The arrangement of an exuberant bank can be of exceptional beauty thanks to the mixture of colors, leafy plants of different heights planted on a ground covered with perfectly polished pebbles. Rush, daylily, sedge and fern are all bank plants ready to make us melt under their spellbinding charm.

A decorative touch thanks to the colors of aquatic plants and banks

Installing a pond in your garden lets your imagination run wild to create an exceptional universe. By letting the plants chosen to thrive based on their colors flourish, you can create a real artist's painting. Shades of blue, pink, purple or gradient from white to silver gray to play with the sun's rays: it is up to each one to select the plants according to their size, the tone of their floral bracts but also the color of their foliage. And we also try to think of the needs of each plant while respecting its preferences in terms of orientation, brightness, whether it is a bank plant or an aquatic plant. Finally, when installing a pond in your garden, it is essential to think about its maintenance. Some plants do this very well by preventing algae from growing, while others, such as the water lily, allow the water point to oxygenate. Some plants are able to balance this water garden by attracting friendly insects and keeping unwanted ones away. The aquatic decor of the garden cannot be completed without a perfectly maintained lawn. On the other hand, care must be taken to systematically remove plant debris that could stain water, flowers and wilted leaves. To avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes, some duckweed can be placed at the base of the plants. A few Japanese steps bordered by wispy grasses will bring the final touch to this exceptional water garden. Flowering a fish pond Our practical gardening videos