What is the difference between monosplit and multisplit air conditioning?

What is the difference between monosplit and multisplit air conditioning?

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Answer: a monosplit air conditioning system has only one element inside, several multisplit air conditioning systems (up to 5).

Split air conditioning has an external element which evacuates hot air, and one or more internal elements which supply fresh air. All these elements are interconnected by ducts, allowing the exchange of air. We talk about monosplit air conditioning when the installation has only one interior element, and multisplit air conditioning when it integrates several interior elements (up to 5). Monosplit air conditioning is primarily dedicated to small areas, or additional air conditioning. In this case, the indoor unit will be installed in the only room that will be air conditioned. While multisplit air conditioning is made for large houses or apartments with many rooms, almost every room being connected.


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