I want a spring interior

I want a spring interior

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Are you longing to see spring coming up? Nothing prevents you from getting a little ahead by reducing your interior decor. Some refreshing touches in terms of colors will be welcome. To create a spring interior, light materials and floral prints will replace woolen fabrics and other thick and warm fabrics in which we love to curl up so much during the winter.

An interior that evokes nature

At the end of winter, we like to extend walks outside to take advantage of the slightest ray of sunshine, even shy. For such a breath of air to extend into a high point, nothing like decorating its interior with natural tones. Powder pink to evoke the delicate buds ready to hatch, almond green reminiscent of new dew pearl herbs, white for a nod to the stubborn frost of the last winter mornings and natural wood reminiscent of forest getaways at the time of the daffodils. This is how a few scattered touches of sparkling yellow will also find their place in any room of your home. If you want to change some furniture, give your preference to clean lines and avoid dark wood. A blond wood is greatly preferable to bring brightness to your interior.

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The table at spring time

Again, play the card of freshness and the first floral fragrances by opting for a new table decoration. The dishes first of all adopt transparency and acid colors. Vitality takes back its rights thanks to anise green, sky blue or bright yellow. Some notes of beige are still welcome to bring a certain temperance to the excess of pep's, just like the pastel tones. We alternate sweetness and radiance, marrying parma and fuchsia. As for the prints, they are a good omen: birds, butterflies, floral patterns which decorate tablecloths and napkins, lampshades and other decorative items. Organize a few aperitifs with friends or family and highlight these convivial moments in a spring and dynamic decor. It is good for morale and it generates smiles.

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Spotlight on lightness

For a spring interior, it is imperative to lighten the decor. Cushions, throws, soft rugs and superfluous trinkets return to the cupboards to make room. Take advantage of the great spring cleaning to swap your velvet curtains for air curtains, stilted frames for modern light-reflecting coasters. And this applies to all rooms, from the cozy living room to the cozy bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom. The flannel sheets give way to a fresh cotton set, the deep colored bath sheets are replaced by equally fluffy but white bath linen, linen, orange, pink, plain, floral or even striped with singing accents . Spring is the best time of the year to breathe new life and allow your home to prepare for moult.

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