Before / after: a two-room apartment of 42 m²

Before / after: a two-room apartment of 42 m²

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To optimize the surface area of ​​this former 42 m² apartment, the owners called on Estelle Chevallier and Philippe Carillo from the interior designers firm Créateurs d'Intérieur. The space has been completely redesigned, and the decoration modernized thanks to the alliance of white and yellow.

The arrangement

Before: The entrance leads directly to a partition and a corridor that eats up the space. The kitchen is confined to a corner of the living room.
After: The partitions have been repositioned to allow entry into continuity with the living space. The kitchen has been moved to occupy a whole section of the wall. The bathroom is now attached to the bedroom and separated from the toilet.

The living room

Before: The wall is difficult to use due to the condemned chimney. The tiling gives an old-fashioned look to the room, which seems dim.
After: The floor has been covered with light oak parquet, and the French ceiling has been painted white to bring clarity to the room. The wall of the old fireplace gives way to a custom library and an integrated bio-ethanol fireplace.

The kitchen

Before: The kitchen is confined to a corner of the living room, separated by a half-partition. Small and dark, it is neither practical nor user-friendly.
After: The kitchen has been moved to take up a whole section of wall. The furniture was made to measure with doors without handles, in white and gray satin lacquer. A strip of LEDs inlaid in the furniture emphasizes the volume of the whole and creates indirect lighting. The sink is glued under the plan to make it more discreet.

The entrance

Before: the entrance leads to a very inconvenient long corridor which leads to all the rooms. The space is not optimized at all.
After: the partitions have been moved to maximize space. The entrance now serves the bedroom, bathroom and toilet and extends to the living room. A bookcase in the wall optimizes the storage space. On the ceiling, a yellow strip brings a touch of color in harmony with the furniture and the chosen materials.
The interior designers firm Créateurs d'Intérieur is also present in Lyon, Marseille, Aix en Provence, Montpellier, Nîmes, Toulouse and Nantes.