Arranging the attic for a 15-year-old girl

Arranging the attic for a 15-year-old girl

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Question from Eric


Answer: thick carpet and light shades

Hello Eric, for your attic that you are currently fitting out, I recommend a thick carpet of wool or synthetic material, installed in stretched laying on underlay which is a felted and insulating underlay. Thanks to this installation which must be carried out by professionals, the acoustic insulation will be optimized and the thermal insulation will also be much higher. In general, the attic has a low height under the roof. Therefore, I recommend clear and neutral colors for the walls to give an impression of size and height: off-white, pearl gray, beige ... If you have exposed beams, leave them with their natural color or paint well. those of a more flashy color: clay orange, Basque red to give the room an original and atypical touch. For the arrangement, install the hi-fi / video equipment under the slopes of the roof, on the least lit side and your sofa or your bed on sections of walls lit by the light coming from the windows. You too, send us your question Deco