What colors to match with linen?

What colors to match with linen?

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Linen has the distinction of being able to match many colors. We can therefore prefer sobriety with harmonies of neutral colors, ideal for a Zen decor. To create a more dynamic atmosphere it is quite possible to combine linen with lively tones. Linen fiber allows all daring without ever losing its charm. Linen, decorative items, wall fabrics, sofas or worktops: linen is everywhere, refined and timeless.

A chic linen and taupe atmosphere

The marriage of linen and taupe is a sure bet and allows you to create a very trendy chic decor. This soft and restful harmony brings a lot of character to a room. It can be reserved for the living room, the bedroom or a bathroom fitted out as a wellness area where you can enjoy relaxing. In the background, the linen associated with the color taupe is also very tasteful in a masculine universe highlighted by a few touches of chocolate or iced brown.

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Flax and anise green in the kitchen

For a natural space full of freshness, the kitchen can be equipped with ecological worktops and splashback in resin and linen in beige or putty color and elements in chlorophyll color. The range of greens goes perfectly with the natural tones of flax: from almond to pistachio green, from anise to olive green. In this case, you can punctuate the atmosphere with orange decorative objects or tangy orange dishes. If the surface area of ​​the kitchen is sufficient, the good idea is to add a little corner of nature to it thanks to a plant composition featuring plants with orange-dominant flowers and others with decorative foliage with multiple greens.

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White, linen and blue for the bedroom

The bedroom becomes a refined room conducive to rest thanks to the softness of white and the strong presence of linen. You can punctuate this delicious harmony with a few notes of blue by choosing organdie curtains and an extremely delicate silk carpet. In this type of atmosphere, do not hesitate to paint one of the walls in beige to accentuate the appearance of linen while the other immaculate white walls bring a beautiful light to the room. And to add a little romanticism to this cocooning space, the final touch will be given by linen lace cushions and embroidered linen bed linen.

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Linen and red for a cozy atmosphere

Particularly suitable for a cozy interior, the meeting of linen and red recalls the warm and reassuring atmosphere of mountain chalets. Whether in the bedroom, the dining room or the kitchen, this red and linen harmony is perfect with light or limed wood furniture placed on a white paneled floor or solid oak parquet. We use and abuse embroidered linen cushions, tablecloths and napkins in old-fashioned scalloped linen to enhance with red tableware for a convivial table. soft sofa and upholstered chairs can be covered with a linen color fabric nicely embellished with nouettes or red pompoms in perfect harmony with some decoration elements of the same tone.

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