An extension for my house

An extension for my house

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Given the price per m², it may be preferable, when possible, to enlarge your house rather than move. But if an extension is profitable, it is also a complex operation, for which it is necessary to make the right choices.

The choice of extension

Need an additional bedroom or an office, want a relaxation room, another bathroom ... space is a luxury that you cannot always afford when you move. So it can be profitable to enlarge your house on the side or in height, sometimes even in depth by exploiting the surface in the basement. Of course, expanding your home is more consistent when you live in a house. However, if you live in an apartment on the top floor of a building, it is sometimes possible to recover the attic, to build a mezzanine, for example, after a favorable opinion from the condominium. An idea not to be overlooked.

Authorizations for an extension

The authorizations to be obtained depend on the project: What will be the use of this additional space? Is it the development of a garage or an existing outbuilding, for example? Are you going to raise the roof or build an annex room? What will be the surface? The answers to these questions will condition the authorizations to be obtained: work authorization or building permit. And be aware that in all cases, if this extension brings your total living area to 170 m² or more, you will have to call on an architect.

How to install an extension?

At the front of the house, to create a real entrance, for example, at the back, for hidden space, on the side, to change the circulation in the house, in elevation, to create an additional floor, or even in the basement, for a games room, a TV lounge or a guest bedroom… there are many ways to extend your home. In all cases, a professional can judiciously advise you and perhaps suggest an original solution to which you would not have thought. It will also help you to integrate your extension harmoniously into the existing one.

And the style of the extension?

We can either seek a complete harmony with the existing, so that the extension will not even seem to have been added to the frame, or opt for a different style, which will cut without distorting the whole. This is how we often see a stone house expanding with a wooden or zinc part, or glass bringing light and modernity to a classic building. But whatever the choice, in all cases, the project must be validated by the town planning department. Even more, if the house is located near a historic site or building, you will be forced to choose the style and even the method of construction. Elements not to be taken lightly.