Wardrobe at a low price!

Wardrobe at a low price!

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Not enough space to offer you a dressing room? Don't panic, a simple wardrobe can do the trick. There are models at low prices to store your clothes without breaking the bank. Follow the guide.

A wardrobe in the room

Rather than choosing a massive and bulky wardrobe, the wardrobe is a good alternative to the dressing area. There are many structures to install against a wall for hanging clothes. You will find wooden or other metal models which can be accompanied by a cover to close the wardrobe space. The wardrobes will also give a decorative effect to your bedroom: choose a colorful model for a pop style or a beige linen cover for a natural style. This type of module is found in large decoration stores but you can also buy more sophisticated modules in stores that offer walk-in closets. You can for example choose a simple column rather than opting for the complete dressing room. Dressing module version or wardrobe structure, you will find everything for less than 100 euros.

An improvised wardrobe

If you want to create a wardrobe yourself, know that all it takes is a little creativity. You can for example fix a simple bar on either side of each wall of the room so that you can hang your clothes. You can also use a rack and "close" it with a screen or a pretty curtain. Do not hesitate to use the recess of a room to delimit the wardrobe area.