Have you thought about chestnut parquet?

Have you thought about chestnut parquet?

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The parquet is totally in tune with the times. Laminated or solid, it visually brings elegance and warmth to the decor. We choose it massive for more authenticity and exceptional longevity. Among the noble essences, the tannic chestnut is very appreciated. This wood is resistant, and you will be totally won over when you know that a chestnut parquet floor supports the new low temperature stamped underfloor heaters without flinching.

In which rooms to lay a chestnut parquet?

The chestnut is a class B wood. This means that it is part of the semi-hard wood in the same way as teak, bamboo or even work. This particularity makes it a wood little advised for humid rooms like the shower room or the bathroom. It is also established by European Union standards which determine the different classes of floors and parquet. On the other hand, the chestnut parquet floor is perfect for the kitchen, the entrance and the corridors serving the rooms of the house, the living room, the dining room, the bedrooms, the office and the games room.

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Floating parquet vs solid wood parquet

If you hesitate between a floating parquet and a solid parquet, know that the first is composed of several layers of various species, namely the backing for the stability of the floor, the central core in chipboard which is a so-called intermediate layer. It determines the density of the parquet. The third layer is the wear layer - the one we see - also called facing, and whose thickness is at least 2.5 cm. It is it which is composed of a noble essence like the chestnut. The thicker this layer, the more the laminate will withstand sanding. The visual appearance of the floating parquet is very successful. As for solid parquet, its description can be summed up in a few words: it consists of only one species. It is a very noble, solid, comfortable and very aesthetic floor covering.

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Type of installation and price of the floor

If you want to install a floating floor, simplify your task by opting for the clip-on model. No more glue and it is possible to walk on the parquet as soon as it is in place. Do you prefer glued installation? Be aware that, admittedly more complex than the clipped installation, the glued installation brings a plus in terms of sound insulation in the parquet room. The steps do not sound, they are muffled. On the other hand, the glued installation tends to amplify the footsteps in the other rooms. The solid chestnut parquet offers the advantage of lending itself very well to laying nailed on joists, ensuring a long life to the floor. A fairly delicate pose. It remains to take into account the budgetary side. The price of a floating parquet and that of a solid chestnut parquet, both of quality - which professionals call the heart of the range - are in the same price range, between 40 and 70 euros per m², for the one like the other. It is necessary to add the cost of the leveling of the ground and the various products and tools necessary for the installation of a floor or the price of the labor if you have it installed.
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