Unusual: musical cushions

Unusual: musical cushions

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Good news for all music lovers, musical cushions are no longer reserved for children today. Very decorative and completely trendy models hide a little secret within them: a musical box. Another unusual revolution, musical pillows to install in your bed allow you to plug in your MP3 and fall asleep to music. Amazing! We get one or the other without further delay.

When decoration and unusual come together

A real favorite for the musical cushions imagined by Mellipou Music Box. Vitamin colors, trendy patterns, we don't hesitate for a second to install them in a living room or in a bedroom. In addition to being very decorative, they hide a small music box. By pulling the reel (absolutely discreet), you will then discover one of the 15 hits available. La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf or Thriller by Michael Jackson… something to delight the little ones but especially the big ones!

We want a musical pillow!

You have probably already fallen asleep in your bed, headphones still on your ears. And when you wake up, disaster, you carry the traces, and this for a good part of the day. Well, it's all over! The musical pillow is now your new ally for falling asleep to music. A jack connector allows you to connect your MP3 player, and music is streamed directly into the pillow. Her little extra? It is completely inaudible for your bed companion. Practice not? Our practical decoration videos