Trend: purple is installed throughout the house

Trend: purple is installed throughout the house

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Designated color 2014 by Pantone, the Radiant Orchid (mauve with shades of pink) is not the only purple to have a little effect in our decor this year. The walls of the living room, bedroom and even the entrance are adorned with dark and sophisticated nuances. Household linen plays with light purples in a plain version or with patterns. If you haven't brought him home yet, it's time to make room for him.

It colors the walls

Purple on the walls, we love it for the vitality it brings to the room where you dare. In an entry for example, it is a great color to create a cocoon of intimacy and sophistication. We choose it rather in dark tones which give a most successful effect with white finishes. In the living room and in the bedroom, it brings a real breath of freshness and a cozy atmosphere. We love !

Photo credits: Dulux Valentine

Purple seizes bed linen

With the arrival of spring, our country desires bloom and this is reflected in the choice of linen we choose for our interior. In the bedroom, we open the purple door wide with a pretty duvet cover. The little extra: bet on pillowcases in a darker or lighter tone to contrast and give volume. You can also opt for spring patterns like small flowers or more graphic shapes to be totally in trend.

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What about the total look?

If you want to opt for a total purple look, do not dare in any room. The bedroom will be the most suitable room, but be careful not to abuse it. First of all, bet on different tones to avoid the overloaded effect. Light walls, dark bed linen and two small flowers in a vase complete the look.
Photo credit: Dulux Valentine Our practical DIY videos