Material focus: how to choose an embroidery drum?

Material focus: how to choose an embroidery drum?

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You get into embroidery. Needles, threads, embroidery cloth, scissors ... You have bought all the equipment you need to take your first steps in the unforgiving world of embroidery. But have you thought about the embroidery drum? No ? However, the embroidery drum is an essential tool for making an embroidery work by hand. To help you choose the right embroidery hoop, here are the criteria to know so as not to be mistaken…

The diameter of the embroidery hoop

Depending on the size of your piece to embroider, you can opt for a embroidery hoop of a more or less large diameter. Thus, the smallest sizes display diameters starting at 10 cm, while the largest models can have diameters around 53 cm. It takes, on average, 55 euros for a embroidery hoop wooden in this type of format.

The adjustment system

To allow you to stretch your embroidery piece as you wish, the embroidery drums have one of the following adjustment systems:
  • adjustment system with screw: the diameter and the tension exerted by the drum are adjustable by turning the screw that connects the two ends of the accessory.
  • adjustment system with metal clips: the outer ring has a groove into which a metal ring is inserted. The news: 739845 fabric is positioned on the outer ring and the metal ring is affixed on top by tightening the two tabs.

The material of the embroidery drum

Most traditional drums from embroidery are made of beech wood. This species has the advantages of being robust, solid and flexible. For several years, models of plastic drums have appeared on the market. These types of drums are cheaper to buy. For a plastic drum 13 cm in diameter, count around 2 to 3 euros.

Special embroidery drums

There are models of drums specific to the image of:
  • embroidery hoop with table fixing: this embroidery drum will free your two hands. For this type of model, you will need to budget for around 25 euros.
  • embroidery hoop under thigh: just like the embroidery drum to fix on the table, this model frees your hands by being wedged under the thigh. Most of these embroidery drums are adjustable in height. Count between 30 and 40 euros for a model 25 cm in diameter.