The Jouy canvas, still trendy?

The Jouy canvas, still trendy?

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Old Jouy canvas? Not at all ! Born in the 18th century, this motif which takes on country and romantic scenes is making a strong comeback in our interiors. Curtains, wallpapers, bed linen and tableware, it is everywhere traditional or revisited. Gone are the images of Grandma's bedroom in her country house, the Jouy canvas has a new look. Here are some ideas and tips to adapt it to your contemporary decor.

Bed linen for a romantic atmosphere

The toile de Jouy is loved in the bedroom to create an authentic and romantic atmosphere. We therefore adopt it in bed linen and the effect is immediate: it charms us with its retro aspect. Red, pink, blue patterns, choose those that best suit the decor of your sleeping area. Little advice not to be overlooked: avoid overdosing. Do not try the combination of wallpaper and bed linen at the risk of making the room look too kitschy.

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On the wall

It is not always easy to dare to hang draperies inside. Easy but no less decorative option: wallpaper! There are a multitude of them that take up the skits of yesteryear and in many colors. Favorite for the models with black designs that go perfectly with an actual interior. Living room, bedroom, entrance, you just have to decide where you plan to install it.
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In the kitchen

Country style kitchens, you will be delighted to be able to add pretty plates to the Toile de Jouy decor to your dressers. We particularly like the red or blue patterns that give a touch of nobility to your table decor.

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