Video: transform a coil of electric cable into a coffee table

Video: transform a coil of electric cable into a coffee table

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went to meet Doline Dritsas, creator brimming with ideas from the collective Ebullition. A true seller of colors, all of Doline's work revolves around hues and colors. Her artistic universe revolves around glass and the textile from which she comes from her training in fashion design. Currently, she creates glass buttons for clothing, but devotes part of her time to the realization of decorative objects of all kinds. In this video, Doline explains how she transformed a reel of electric cable into a coffee table covered with mosaic, to the delight of her guests. An ideal object for an aperitif with friends, aesthetic in addition!

What you need:

- A spool of electric cable - Mosaic flowers - A multitude of haberdashery elements (buttons, spools of thread ...) - A mosaic clamp - Mosaic glue - Acrylic paint - Joint cement for mosaic

Create the flowers

First, you have to make your flowers. Always start with the heart which can be a mosaic element or a simple button. Then use your pliers to create your petals. Try to vary their shape, color and size.

Gluing and painting

Apply the glue to your spool of wire and not to the mosaic elements. This glue is white, but do not panic, it becomes transparent when it dries. Place your flowers on the glue, also trying to mix flowers of different colors and shapes. Do not hesitate to use tweezers for the smallest pieces. Since the glue takes a while to dry, it is quite possible to replace the flowers several minutes after gluing. For a more aesthetic result, you can also apply pieces of tesserae on the inside and outside edges of your coil of electric cable. Do not hesitate to mix your pieces of mosaic with elements of haberdashery. Use acrylic paint to cover all surfaces of the coil that do not accept mosaic. Preferably choose a color that goes well with the hues of your flowers. When you are done, let it dry for 24 hours.

The cement joint

To make your cement, mix the powder and water in the quantities recommended by the manufacturer. Put it down and remove the excess with a cloth. Finally, let it dry for a week away from any heat source. You now have a beautiful low-cost coffee table that will allow you to receive your guests during a convivial aperitif. You can even use the holes to put flowers or glasses! Obviously, you can bring your touch of originality, it will only make this coffee table more personal! Find out more! Immerse yourself a little more in the world of Doline with his interview! Discover the Ebullition collective!