What are the different types of pergolas?

What are the different types of pergolas?

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Answer: removable or permanent, each type of pergola has its usefulness.

You can opt for a removable pergola or a final construction. The first is intended for use limited to the summer season: you will dismantle it in winter. It is made of light materials (PVC, aluminum ...) and is not an element of your frame. If you embark on the construction of a permanent pergola, this is a real masonry work that will have to stabilize the whole. Side panels and beams must be cared for in order to support the frame. In both cases, kit models are commercially available: manufacturers have significantly increased the number of their models in recent years. But a tailor-made model, made by a professional or in self-construction, is also possible. video id = "0" / Our practical garden videos


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