Low tables at low prices: location by style

Low tables at low prices: location by style

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Whether you are moving in this summer or at the start of the school year, or if you simply want to bring a facelift to the living room by changing the coffee table, here is a selection of stylish models at reasonable prices, ideal for tight budgets.

Designer style coffee tables at low prices

In the saga of chic and inexpensive coffee tables, we say yes to the black New Split version of Alinéa at 25 €, perched on two legs forming a square with rounded angles as well as to the Otello coffee table by Fly (49, 90) in the shape of a metal trunk that fits perfectly into a precious loft atmosphere.

Classic style coffee tables at low prices

The most basic side table is found at Ikéa under the name "Lack" and at the maximum light price of € 4.95. Since it is square and very small, we prefer to multiply it by two, favoring a second color in order to bring rhythm to the seating area. A white and black duo creates, for example, a nice two-sided effect.

Nature style coffee tables at low prices

Who says natural decoration says wooden coffee table, but also a slightly more expensive choice. We then set ourselves the objective of choosing a first prize, like the Mandise copy with a hollow rectangular design in the middle, unearthed at But for 79 €.

Pop-style coffee tables at low prices

In search of a coffee table in bright colors, we turn to the Fly stores. First crush at € 59, the Tiss coffee table with its white round top and its flashy pink or orange legs in an arty design. A second favorite at the same price: the space-saving Bloomy coffee table, composed of an anthracite gray block concealing an orange pop extension for a vitamin atmosphere.