Tips and tricks for (properly) storing your refrigerator

Tips and tricks for (properly) storing your refrigerator

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A badly stored refrigerator has a lot of disadvantages: products that cannot be found, expiration dates that have passed, spoiled food… However, a few tips and a little discipline are enough to keep a fridge clean and tidy, which guarantees perfect hygiene and saving time every day!

A clean and tidy fridge

Before thinking about storing your food properly, you should not neglect the hygiene aspect. The fridge must be cleaned regularly, the fruits and vegetables passed underwater before being stored in the vegetable drawer, and unnecessary packaging thrown in the trash (cartons of yogurt, promo labels, etc.). Also remember to isolate your food from each other by filming it with stretch paper, aluminum foil, or by placing it in Tupperware boxes (the American brand has also made storage its workhorse for the start of the school year!) . Preferably choose transparent boxes that allow you to see their contents without opening them, or do not hesitate to label them by specifying the date on which you put them in the refrigerator! This very simple discipline prevents the proliferation of bacteria and keeps food longer.

Master the cold

The first rule is to keep food in the right place: a refrigerator has several zones - cold, cool, temperate and door - which are designed to accommodate a family of food. Thus, raw meats, fish and cold meats are placed in the cold zone, dairy products and dishes already cooked in the temperate zone, fresh fruits and vegetables in the temperate zone, etc. Also avoid constantly opening your refrigerator: you break the cold chain, essential for the good preservation of your food!

Avoid waste

In order to throw out as little food as possible, do not overload your refrigerator. Also rely on expiration dates and always place perishable products in front of others: you will consume them mechanically first!

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